Introducing the Google Conversion Professionals

Thursday, July 9, 2009 | 3:40 PM


Inspired by our last post about analysing your website to generate more sales but not sure if you're ready to go it alone?

Last week we launched the Google Conversion Professionals programme, a network of conversion experts that can help you grow your business by implementing best practices around website analysis and testing.

Google Conversion Professionals (GCPs) are specialist consultancies or agencies who have demonstrated their expertise in improving conversion rates. GCPs can help you expand your business and get the most out of your online spend by implementing best practices around website analysis and testing.

Typically, GCPs help boost conversions by improving marketing effectiveness, website usability, and product and service offerings. Some also offer platform hosting and systems integration capability.

We've found that continuous analysis and improvement is key to have the best possible online sales and ROI. Google offers a number of free programs to help you, like Google Analytics and Website Optimiser as well as tips to help improve your performance.

If you are looking for some expert advice or need a little help getting started, please visit the Google Conversion Professionals.