A new home for Retail and Shopping content: the Google Shopping Blog

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 | 4:10 PM


For the past four years, we've had the pleasure of connecting you, our Google Retail UK Blog readers, with the latest retail insights and trends. 

We’ve recently received numerous requests for a one-stop shop (pun intended!) for all Retail Ads and Google Shopping related content. So starting today, you can get all the retail advertising and trend info you're used to seeing here, along with the Google Shopping content that has been appearing on the Google Commerce Blog and Inside AdWords, on our new Google Shopping Blog. Going forward, we will not be posting any new content on this blog.

We look forward to your continued support -- and please, don’t forget to subscribe to the new blog so you won’t miss out on any posts! 

Many thanks,

The Google UK Retail Team